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  • What are the Delivery Charges for Orders from the Online Shop?

    All orders are subject to a low 7% delivery charge.

  • Do I receive an invoice for my order?

    Yes, all orders are accompanied by an invoice confirming both your billing and order details.

  • How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

    Our site is secured by the HTTPS protocol, which encrypts all data that you send through our site.

  • Which payment methods are accepted in the Online Shop?

    We use the secure PayPal platform to handle our payments, so all credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal Balances are accepted!

  • What exactly happens after ordering?

    Once your payment is confirmed, we work hard to move your order from our warehouse to your doorstep so that you can begin wearing it!

  • Which size of this High-heeled sandals is available at shop right now?

    Available size is: 34 – 39

  • Which is the compatible size for this dress?

    It’s for 42-47 kg of weight and 1m55 -1m60 of high

  • My son is 1 year old. Is that ok to play with this toy?

    Yes. This is toys for children from 3 months – 3 years

  • How many months will I get free guarantee for Apple's product?

    It’s 1 year for free guarantee. And you can get a new one if it’s problem from producer

  • I want to refund a product, how can I proceed it?

    In my account/order history/detail, you can choose a product that you want to refund, and send us the reason

  • I don’t want the option to choose a product to refund?

    You just can see the checkbox if order status is in Shipped or Delivered

  • Can I get shipping fee for the order that I refund?

    Sorry, we don’t get back shipping fee for you. It’s already paid to carrier when transfer product to you

  • Can I get refund as a voucher for next order?

    Yes, that’s great. We will generate a voucher code and send it via your email

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